Welcome to Koh Chang

When you see Koh Chang while approaching it on the ferry, and you try to displace in the fantasy world of eastern people, you can see the silhouette of an elephant, bathing in the sea, in the coast-hills contours. The nature on Koh Chang is overwhelming, and you can explore this in several ways: there are jungle trips for both groups and individuals. You may also choose to rent a private guide.

The National Nature Reserve Monument consists of 52, mostly untouched, islands, which are richly overgrown with rainforest and are surrounded by a beautiful azure-blue coral sea. Life underwater has not been damaged by coral robbers and to be admired in their full glory. Of course, taking coral material away is strictly prohibited.

We can give you information, book your trips and all kinds of activities are possible during your stay at Rock Sand. Even we haven’t seen it all. Fishing, snorkelling, elephant trekking, boat trip, quad-trekking and …….. much more.

In the village of White Sand Beach, which you will find on a nice walk-distance (about 10 minutes) you will find several supermarkets, massage-saloons and souvenir-shops. Of course, you will find a drink and a bite here. Bars are opened at night, showing various attractions.

Who wouldn’t like to ride on the back of an elephant? Koh Chang does mean “elephant-island”, doesn’t it? This is our island. This is Koh Chang, and a ride on the back of an elephant becomes utterly unforgettable when you take the elephant to the river to wash and take a bath together with the animal. Just share the intense pleasure of the elephant and enjoy the lovely warm water. This experience is not to be compared with anything.

Koh Chang is the last paradise island in South-East Asia. The Koh Chang Marine National Park has been untouched by modernisation yet is only four hours by road east of Bangkok. Koh Chang lies within Trat Province which borders Cambodia to the north and east while to the south, the Gulf of Thailand gives the area some outstanding beaches including our White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao). The area measures 30 km. long by 8 km. wide, making its Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket, and is the main isle in a 42-island archipelago that forms Koh Chang National Park, established as a nature preserve in 1982.

Facilities on Koh Chang include mainly bungalow-type accommodation on most beaches and rental services for bicycles and boats.

Several smaller isles south of Koh Chang include Koh Wai, Koh Lao Ya and Koh Kradat. Noted for both deep-water and shallow-water corals are the Koh Kra group and Koh Rang which are to the west of Koh Mak.

How to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang? Just a few pointers:

By bus or car
A 5 (car) or 6 (bus) from Bankok will take visitors the ferry to Koh Chang.

By Air

Bangkok Airways; direct flights leave to Trat everyday from Bangkok. From the airport it is 30 minutes to the ferry.

Ferry Services
Ferries depart either from Ao Thammachat or Koh Chang Center Point Landings between 7.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. with a travelling time of 30 minutes. Vehicles can be loaded onto the ferry. From the landing on Koh Chang are Song Taew (taxi) services to various points. Fares should be settled beforehand.
The Ferries depart regularly from 6.30 a.m. until 7.00 p.m.


Just a few pointers:

Thai food currently enjoys world-wide popularity with its great variety of delicious regional forms. Join Kati’s cooking school for a day of culinary cooking.

THAIFUN, day cruise Koh Chang

CHANG CHUTMAN TOUR, Elephant Jungle Trekking, Khlong Phrao Beach.

SNORKELING, 4 island in 1 day

General Information

Southeast Thailand only has two seasons, a dry period that runs from November to May and a wet season from June to October. Temperatures are ‘coolest’ from November to December with daily maximums around 30C. Just before the beginning of the monsoon in June this can rise to the high thirties when even the seasoned locals start to feel the heat.

The busiest period for visitors to Koh Chang is December to April and there is very little rain during these months. Global weather patterns are changing and also on Koh Chang. In 2015/16 there was well above the average rainfall for the dry season with a heavy downpour on Christmas Day.

The Monsoon

It can rain heavily in the wet season but rainfall is by no means constant.Indeed sunny days are still common. We remain open and this can be a good time to visit for those seeking a quieter holiday. In the 2016 monsoon during August we almost forgot it was not the dry season but in September the rains returned with a vengeance. There is a good reason rainfall is quoted in averages.


During the monsoon the prevailing winds are onshore on the West Coast and can bring quite high waves to the beaches. Swimming at this time is considered quite dangerous due to very strong rip tides. In the dry season the winds are onshore on the East Coast. Locals know when the monsoon is over by observing this phenomenon but there is always argument about the actual day!

The best time for sailing is probably from the end of the Monsoon through early January when the winds are pretty constant from the East. From mid January the winds tend to be light and variable and only pick up again from the West once the Monsoon sets in again around May.


Koh Chang has just one tide per day. Actually it is two but the second is almost imperceptible. The term is diurnal for the scientifically inclined.

The tide is in most of the day time during the dry season and changes in the monsoon season when it is in most of the night. The highest tides are in November, December and January and are usually 4 days after the full and new moons.

Private Hospitals

In the case of any health problems whilst on the island be reassured that Koh Chang now has a range of health service providers.

– Koh Chang International Clinic, part of the private Bangkok Hospital group, is located on White Sands Beach. They are open 24 hours a day. Call 039 551 555.

– P.P.Clinic opposite Amari resort in Klong Prao provide general medical services from a qualified surgeon as well as a range of plastic surgery treatments. Contact them on 085 222 3935 twenty four hours a day.

Trat has 2 larger hospitals: Bangkok Trat Hospital, a private institution, which has good facilities, at a price, and is recommended in the event of any major accidents or emergencies (039 532 735) and Trad Hospital (039 511 040/1) .

Government Hospital

There is a small government hospital at Dan Mai just south of where the mainland ferry arrives. Phone – 039 521 657. Khlong Son, Kai Bae, Khlong Prao and Bang Bao also have small clinics.

Pharmacies and Dentists

Increasingly people are using their holidays in Thailand to get dental work done. Dentists here are as good as in the rest of the world and charge less than in Europe and the US. You can use the Koh Chang Dental Centrex or Baan More Fun Dentist in Trat to get your teeth healthy. Koh Chang Pharmacy on White Sand Beach and in Kai Bae has a range of medicines. They offer wound dressing and provide insurance receipts.

Getting at Your Money

There are ATM’s all over the island.Several banks have sub-branches in the main beach areas offering basic services including money exchange, money transfers {Moneygram® and Western Union®) and basic account banking. SWIFT transfers are also available. Most exchange places won’t accept damaged foreign notes and if you have series 1999 US $100 bills you will have a problem changing them too.

Travellers checks are accepted by larger establishments and can also be changed at the many exchange offices on the West Coast but smaller establishments don’t accept them.

If we can help, please let us know.